What people say about my classes

Claudia is a very talented teacher, that observes well and corrects movements of her class participants to secure good and safe performance. She is a charming person that knows how to motivate and likes to laugh.

I feel, that regular participation in her classes, improves my breathing, physical well-being and mental strength.

Karin Srulijes


Some people are just naturally good teachers and I think Claudia is one of those people. She is a great teacher. I have attended yoga classes at a number of other places, but I never found one that I was comfortable with. Either the class was too big, the instructor went through the postures too fast or there was no corrections made by the instructor when doing the posture, so I had no idea if I was doing them correctly or not. The classes are a perfect size (4-10 people), which allows her to focus on each student during the class. Claudia takes the time to walk around the class and correct the students and make the proper adjustments so that they are being performed properly. Also, she will often step into the middle of the class and do the posture with us so that the students can see her and follow along. I have one more year left here in Stuttgart and I plan on attending Claudia’s classes as often as possible and I hope to continue to get better at the practice before I leave. As well as being a great teacher during class, Claudia has taken the time to make videos of her class so that her students can continue to practice yoga on their own at home and during vacations.

I would definitely recommend Claudia’s class to anyone looking to begin yoga. She is an excellent teacher and very good with all of the students. Highly Recommended!!!

Michael Pirone


Claudia is very kind and motivating, she takes the time to make sure your poses are right and her ways to help you are very clear and gentle. You feel that you are in good hands the moment you enter the room, where everything is tuned in, from the gentle smell, the tea, or the lights.
You can always progress, or simply feel happy about your practice thanks to that gentle yet challenging push.

During and after each class I am more „centered“. I also feel good about the practice and my progress. Claudia is a very engaging and motivating teacher and her classes made me become more diligent with my practice at home too.

Everybody is different, and there are also many ways to teach yoga, the same teaching style might work for a person but not for another. But if you don’t try learning/practicing with Claudia you will definitely miss what might be the perfect match for you. Claudia’s teaching seems to adapt to every person no matter what their background or level is.

Laurence de Olivera


There are many things that I like about Claudia’s yoga class:

– The atmosphere of the class is relaxing and cozy.

– The explanations of each posture are easy to understand and to follow.

– The speed at which the class is run is good (not too fast, not too slow).

– Claudia corrects your posture individually, so that the posture works your body effectively.

– Finally and most important, Claudia is very, very nice!!

Since I´ve started yoga with Claudia, I feel my body has become more flexible, and I rarely have had a stiff neck.

Maki Naito


Am Yogakurs mag ich bedonders die gute Anleitung bei den Übungen.  Claudia achtet auf die Details und die richtige Körperspannung und -entspannung.

Besonders nach dem Yogakurs fühle ich mich geistig und körperlich sehr entspannt. Das Aufdehnen der Schulterpartie ist sehr wohltuend.

Nett finde ich auch die Stimmung unter den Yoginis.

Doro  König


Me gusta mucho la atención personalizada que pone Claudia en cada uno de nosotros para que mejoremos nuestras dinámicas y posturas.

He mejorado mucho la flexibilidad, especialmente en espalda y cadera, así como la capacidad de reconocer y controlar el estrés y la tensión derivada a través de la respiración.

Si estás pensando en tomar sus clases, no tengas duda, estoy seguro que te sentirás cómodo desde el primer minuto.

Abel Obeso Muñiz


Claudia is an excellent yoga teacher. She corrects the students as they are performing postures. This gives the students the confidence that they are doing the postures correctly and getting the most out of the class. She also goes through the postures at a reasonable pace so that everyone is together. This allows the student to focus on the posture and breathing and not feeling rushed to keep up. I have had many teachers in the past that went far too fast to keep up with and it was very frustrating. Claudia makes the class about the students, not about her.

I would highly recommend Claudia’s yoga classes to anyone interested. If you are a beginner or a more advanced yoga student, these classes will be great for you.

Maureen Pirone


The reason for starting Yoga with Claudia was in the first place to get better at life. In the past two years I had developed strong physical and psychological reactions to stress and negative emotions in general.  I was almost not being able to walk properly any more. In that moment, I realized I really needed to start listening and connecting to my body and soul. This was the reason for my journey with Yoga.

After some months of practice with Claudia, I noticed a calmer and happier self within a healthier body with constant practice. Any time I stop yoga for some days, I can feel my body gets stiffer and I feel generally more stressed and tension in my body. This goes away with constant practice.

I encourage my friends and people I love, to start practicing Yoga with Claudia, because I know their lives would get better with it.

Dominga Garufi


What I like most about Claudia´s yoga class, is the calmness, the peace that we have in our mind during this hour, and you Claudia, I think you are a great teacher!

I have noticed that I have more flexibility in my body, and I try to use the deep breaths during stressful daily situations, and that helps me a lot.

Maria Diakoglou


As I also wanted to practice more, I took private yoga classes with Claudia. I can only recommend those. Indeed, even though I can also do this during other classes, and Claudia is anyway very attentive to details, I could work more in-depth, correcting my poses even more. Claudia also created a yoga sequence that was adapted to my needs and wishes. Since then I practice every 2 day…instead of wishing I would, I am actually doing it. And the cherry on top is that it even rubbed off on my husband!

Laurence de Olivera